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Henry E. Lippek focuses on consumer and environmental protection litigation, small business advising, and family law. As former counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, he has extensive experience in both the legislature and the courts. Henry is an adept negotiator, and invaluable advisor, and a formidible litigator.






We provide the legal insight, strategy, and skill to reach resolutions our clients can feel good about. With nearly 45 years of combined legal experience, we offer high quality services to individuals and organizations. From compassionate family law to aggressive civil rights litigation, from environmental work to estate planning, the attorneys of the Public Advocate are on your side.


We take a holistic view of every situation, and pursue your goals with creativity and dedication. Recognizing that the courtroom is not the only route to resolution, we are proud to offer alternative dispute resolution services including mediation, collaborative legal practice, and restorative circles.

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1001 4th Avenue, Suite 4400
Seattle, WA 98154​​


Areas of Practice

Civil Rights and Constitutional Law


Criminal defense


Environmental /Land Use Law


Immigration and Asylum


Consumer Protection

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning


Non-profit and Small Business Advising


Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Restorative Justice








Most of our clients hear about us from their friends and family. We take great pride in our clients' trust, and we're always happy to get referrals, because it shows that the people we work for are happy with what we've done for them. At the end of the day, if you feel you can wholeheartedly recommend us to your family, we know we've done a good job.

Our immigration practice is expanding! We've had great success helping families with their immigration needs. Now, we're happy to offer business immigration services. We focus on start-ups, small business, and non-profits. For smaller organizations who don't have in-house legal departments, we can help with tricky immigration situations.

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